How to set up an SSH key in PuTTY

Creating an SSH key in Windows is simple. Before beginning, be sure that you have downloaded PuTTY and PuTTYge’s .msi files to your Windows machine.

Run through the installation of each application and start PuTTYgen. You should see this screen:

In most cases, the key will have sufficient security by using the pre-selected parameters. However, if you have specific requirements you have the option to select them on this screen.

From here, click Generate to begin the creation of your SSH key. PuTTYgen will ask you to generate some randomness by moving your mouse cursor in the blank area.

Once your key is created, copy the entire key displayed in the box, as you see here:

Next, enter a passphrase for your SSH key to prevent anyone who may get your private key from being able to use it without the passphrase. Click the save private key button.

Now, you can use your public and private keys in all sorts of applications like GitHub, OpenSSH, or your Cloud Servers.

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